For Performers

How it works for Performers

  • Stream from mobile or computer
  • Live Chat
  • Pay-per-view & Donations
  • Record show for on-demand viewing
  • Set target earn per show
  • Social Sharing
  • Actually make some money


  1. Create a ShowLive account
  2. Become a Performer under “MyAccount” page
  3. Create a show to get your stream URL and key
  4. Copy and paste your stream URL & Key into your favourite streaming application

Recommended FREE Streaming Applications:

OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) for Mac, Linux and Windows

StreamLab for Android & iOS 

For the  highest possible quality, we recommend that your audio is streamed through a sound card with your microphone(s) and instrument(s) going straight into your computer (via the sound card or applicable mixing desk) and then through to the streaming app. You will need to download a live streaming app (OBS)  in order to connect your sound card and camera to the site.

You can stream from a mobile device too using StreamLab, but please be aware that this may compromise the sound quality. Reach out to us about your performance and we will provide you with further technical information and recommendations as part of our artist info document.

Set up your live stream in minutes! Besides the obvious benefit of earning money from home through your performance (Each artist earns between 1-3k per show!), ShowLive’s vision is to create a virtual busking street for fans to “walk through” – building a culture of discovering new artists instead of just following old favourites. 

Your fans can then purchase tickets online with a seamless login process and no hassles. You set your ticket price.

Ticket sales don’t stop when the show is over! You have the option of leaving the video of your performance available on demand. If fans missed the live stream they can still view the video at a full or discounted price. You decide what discount to give your fans. 

Receive donations from fans at any time – even during your performance. We don’t take a cent of this income. 

Opt in for free post-performance marketing! We create a short, personalised video snippet of your show and publish it to our social media platforms – these are all pointed back to the on-demand video which drives on demand (paid) views after the event. 

Sign up & stream as much as you want and to as many people as you want.

ShowLive only takes 25% of ticket sales, and 0% of any donations that you receive – even if you’re performing as part of a curator’s channel. ShowLive is responsible for paying curator commissions.

NOTE: We may start charging for donations in future

Get paid whenever!

Once your show is over, you can go to your performer dashboard and request a pay out at any time. Admin fee for payouts is R10, and we can pay out to any South African bank account. 

Covering someone else’s song isn’t so much of a problem when performing live (a venue’s blanket license normally covers this), but live streaming is different – especially as your performance is available on demand after your live stream. Please make sure you obtain permission (a mechanical license) from the song’s publisher. CAPASSO will be able to assist you –