For Fans

  • Watch Performances
  • Support Artists
  • Pay Securely
  • Live Support


Don’t worry! 🙂 We have a dedicated live-chat team AND a whatsapp support group that will assist you if any issues crop up during the performance.

And if for some reason your connection doesn’t allow at the time, we’ll make sure that you have access to the video of the performance to view later – at no additional cost.

The ticket price is up to the performer. You also have the opportunity to donate an additional amount to the artist at any time – before, during or after the show. 

There is a R7.00 or 7% admin fee (for transactions over R125) on top of the ticket price and donations amounts – to ensure that the artist gets the most out of your support.

We offer secure payments using your debit or credit card, as well as the option to pay through instant EFT.

If you miss the live show, don’t worry. 🙂  The video will be available on demand – at your convenience.