Our Story

Our Story

Four humans – all deeply connected to the power of live music. Individually, we had our aspirations in the music industry – but the nationwide lockdown put an end to that pretty quickly. So we figured, why not solve our problem by solving the problems of the artists we so cherish? Not only that – we could give everyone (ourselves included) the opportunity to discover all the unexplored talent this country has to offer.


And so ShowLive is born – a platform for artists, by artists. We bring performances directly to fans – from anywhere in the world, to the comfort and safety of your home. 


With every great idea comes a marketing pitch. Well here it is.


What sets ShowLive apart from other livestream platforms? Near-instant log in. A super easy pay-per-view model with no hassles. Multiple channels personally curated by local music influencers. And – if you’re really enjoying the show and want to make more of a difference in an artists career – you have the ability to donate directly to them, right there during their performance. 


Fundamentally, we strive to create a place for music lovers to create, enjoy and discover a world of fresh and dynamic content – we want to bring you your favourites, but also something you’ve never seen before – something that you will cherish forever! Have a walk down our virtual busking street…




Stable Streaming Servers in SA
Stable Servers 100%
Live Chat
Live interaction 100%
Easy to use interface for Fans
Simple UI 80%
One-Click Payments
Faster & Easier Payments 87%
Artist Terms of Use agreement
Performer profile completion flow 99%
Easy UI for Performer
Easy UI for Performer 53%
Performer & Curator Profile
Profile Pages 27%

Herki Vercuiel

Chief of Technology
From touring performer to venue owner, I finally get to honor a promise I made to myself years ago: to make a difference in the music industry. To top it off I get to do it with the people I’ve walked a long and interesting road with. Definitely a dream come true!

Josh Roxton

Operations & Artist Liaison
As a musician, touring the world is about as satisfying as it gets. Until now that is. Being able to assist fellow musicians has always been a passion of mine, now we have built something that will really make a positive impact in the music community and I am more than proud to be involved with these fine humans. Now we can all tour the world together down one digital street of performers.

Marc Klein

Chief of Marketing
I have been involved in most parts of the live Music industry, from owning venues, running events, being a performer, photographer, capturing lots of content for artists and of course, being an easily moved (slightly too emotional) music lover! Showlive is the culmination of all the various aspects of my experience that manifest themselves in the perfect solution for all the artists I hold so dear as well as my personal selfish need for discovering more music!

Jessica Schnehage

Artist & Media Liaison
Working as a music agent and event producer for over a decade, I have had the opportunity to work with incredible local and international artists. I am fiercely passionate about contributing to a thriving ecosystem for the arts, and driven by the knowledge that a message crafted through music holds an immense power that is capable of catalysing positive transformation - something the world needs now, maybe more than ever before. I am happy and humbled to stand on the verge of a new frontier for music next to this amazing team.