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Tip your musicians!

They need your support

We are proud of having built a platform that allows creators to monetise their content online: whether it be through live performances;  recordings;  films or even music lessons.

what do we need from you?

From June 10th, we will be doing full production shows from The Armchair Theatre! This will allow bands to perform with proper sound,  lighting and multiple camera angles in order to create an immersive experience for the viewer! 

This will create the opportunity for full band performances.

required: 4 channel video switcher
COst: R60,000

coding debt & legal fees

Performers are profiting greatly from this innovative platform. In addition, all  operational expenses are covered. Unfortunately, we cannot yet generate enough to cover the initial investments made by our team. 

We also had to ensure our performers’ copyright was protected. Therefore, we approached a copyright advocate to compile the best possible terms of use agreement. He was even kind enough to make a comprehensive explainer video to clarify these terms!

Buildng Showlive:
COst: R50,000

getting the armchair ready for you!

ShowLive is brought to you by The Armchair Theatre in Cape Town. We’ve recently revamped and opened the doors of the brand new Armchair Theatre right before Lockdown! ShowLive was a way for us to continue supporting the music industry during the pandemic.

Apart from facilitating the livestreamed performances, we also want to open up the top floor and balcony to you when the lockdown is over!

The beautiful new space will include pool tables, games, an overall great atmosphere & the epic balcony, overlooking Lower Main.

REVAMP upstairs and get 2x pool tables:
COst: R35,00

Thank you for contributing!