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Hugo Veldsman’s song writing career started in the small student town of Stellenbosch during the dark hours of Loadshedding. Armed with not much more than his guitar, a cheap portable recorder… and a couple of candles; Hugo tells the tale of excess, mediocrity, suburban life, corruption and emotions from his personal little world (in a very flavourful upbeat and sensitive style) . He is very much a story teller, always talking about how these songs came into being through his experiences. His folk-like sound is emphasized by his skills as a classically trained guitarist (having studied Music at the Stellenbosch Conservatory) and often incorporating Blues roots. His incorporation of the lapsteel guitar became a favoured instrument in his arsenal, especially his signature Imperial Weissenborn.
In 2019 Hugo released his debut album, “The Calm Before”. With the launch of the album in May, Hugo formed his backing band “The Rendezvous”, where they travel and perform as “Hugo Veldsman & The Rendezvous”. The group’s name came from the fact that they all come from various corners of Cape Town, but almost only meet with nothing more than a time, a place and a set list.